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Voluptas Independent Games is a new and up coming Indie Games company founded in Febuary 2019. I am fueled by my love and passion for Computing and Video Games. I am working hard to produce great games and to learn and improve on skills to make every new game better than the last. Read on to learn more.


Latest Release

Idle Fantasy Kingdom

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own Kingdom? Being the master of your own destiny? Creating a Prosperous World with an endless supply of Money? Then look no further, Idle Fantasy Kingdom is the Clicker game for you!

From your humble beginnings as the owner of a Fishery, to your prosperous days as a Merchant King and finally to your dark days as the Leader of a Necromancers Cult. Your journey through this Idle Simulation, will take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

Idle Kingdom will be Releasing on the Google Play Store, on the 22 January 2020.


Mobile Games

Intrested in Mobile Games? Here is a list of the current Mobile Games Developed by Voluptas Independent Games.

Idle Kingdom

22 January 2020

Apocalypse Survivor

1 November 2019

The Adventures of Burt and Friends

30 July, 2019


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