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Voluptas Independent Games is a new and up coming Indie Games company founded in Febuary 2019. I am fueled by my love and passion for Computing and Video Games. I am working hard to produce great games and to learn and improve on skills to make every new game better than the last. Read on to learn more.


Latest Release

Idle Realm Builder

From humble beginnings comes great things!

Greetings your Highness, your Realm awaits you to bring in a Golden age and unite the 4 Races of this land!

Starting from the Human lands, you will expand your Realm through attracting Citizens to your Cities and increasing your Realms Gold, once you reach a Cities Required Population, you will unlock new Cities and new Races. In Idle Realm Builder you have 4 Unique Races to play with and 10 Unique building for each Race to Build.

In this Idle Game, you must plan your Cities to best increase your Realms Prosperity and increase your Realms Populations to expand to new Cities and new Heights!

Your Highness, what are you waiting for, begin your adventure today and become the ruler of your new Realm and bring in a Golden Age for your people!


Mobile Games

Intrested in Mobile Games? Here is a list of the current Mobile Games Developed by Voluptas Independent Games.

Google Play King Icon .png

Idle Realm Builder

22 July 2020

Blue Wizard Icon.png

Idle Kingdom

22 January 2020


Apocalypse Survivor

1 November 2019

Burt and Friends Icon.png

The Adventures of Burt and Friends

30 July, 2019