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Idle Realm Builder

22 July 2020

Greetings your Highness, your Realm awaits you to bring in a Golden age and unite the 4 Races of this land!

Starting from the Human lands, you will expand your Realm through attracting Citizens to your Cities and increasing your Realms Gold, once you reach a Cities Required Population, you will unlock new Cities and new Races. In Idle Realm Builder you have 4 Unique Races to play with and 10 Unique building for each Race to Build.

In this Idle Game, you must plan your Cities to best increase your Realms Prosperity and increase your Realms Populations to expand to new Cities and new Heights!

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Idle Fantasy Kingdom

22 January 2020

Welcome to Idle Fantasy Kingdom, where Dreams come true!

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own Kingdom? Being the master of your own destiny? Creating a Prosperous World with an endless supply of Money? Then look no further, Idle Fantasy Kingdoms is the Clicker game for you!

From your humble beginnings as the owner of a Fishery, to your prosperous days as a Merchant King and finally to your dark days as the Leader of a Necromancers Cult. Your journey through this Idle Simulation, will take you on the adventure of a lifetime!


Apocalypse Survivor

1 November 2019

Apocalypse Survivor is an Action-Adventure/ Horror game set in a post Zombie Apocalyptic world, you must travel through the world to find out how and why people have become infected in such away. On the Journey, you will face challenging scenarios, fight the Infected, Encounter Gangs and help other survivors.

Unique Features

  • 6 Playable Characters with 3 Weapon Choices.

  • 20 Hand-Crafted Levels and Missions.

  • 30 Collectible Articles.

  • 5 Map Fragments to Unlock a Bonus Level.

  • In-game Shop to Purchase a New Character.

Burt and Friends Icon.png

The Adventures of Burt and Friends

30 July, 2019

Burt and his Friends have set out on a quest to defeat the Evil Mage George and they need your help. George has released hordes of minions led by powerful Leaders to plague the world, can you help Burt and his friends to save the World?

The Adventures of Burt and Friends is a fast-paced 2D Platformer with 40 handcrafted levels split into 4 stages and 3 Challenge Modes. You can Run, Jump and Shoot your way from Burt’s home, over mountains, across Deserts, Through a Palace and deep into Georges Layer, all whilst having fun through challenging levels.